Monday, July 18, 2016

Scrapbook layouts about courage

Here are two layout about courage that I have made some months apart from each other. Apparently this is a big topic for me. And it is. My courage and how it effects all of us in the family. 

As you can see they are quite different in design and style but I still like both of them. I like the journaling on the stripes as well as I like it when it is written straight to the background. I like the paper layers behind the picture with lots of white space as much as I like all the clusters and large boxes of pattern paper in the other. 

Which one do you prefer?

Tein kaksi rohkeuteen liittyvää sivua muutan kuukauden erolla. Hauska nähdä, kuinka erilaisia ne on tyyliltään ja asettelultaan. Molemmissa on kuitenkin paljon juttuja joista tykkään. 

Kummasta sinä pidät enemmän?

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