Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Four cards

When you look at these four cards I made, it might seem like each were made by different person or at least not on the same day. But no, they were made during one nap time last week.

I used mostly leftovers from scrapbooking and and all images used were colored in before. Sometimes card making can be a no-brain activity to me at its best. I'm not saying these are masterpieces, but made me pretty happy just to do something when I wasn't feeling like scrapbooking.


Nämä neljä korttia tuli tehtyä yhtien päikkärien aikana viime viikolla. Käytin lähinnä ylijäämäkamaa skräppäyksestä ja muutenkin oli täysin "aivotonta" askartelua :D. Kortteilu on parhaimmillaan minulle sellaista ettei tarvitse paljonkaan ajatella. 

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